The Secretary of State can be much more in defense of people’s rights than a glorified, over paid file clerk.” as a business women and past business owner… and a constitutionalist… I say, “Now is the time for the office of Secretary of State to be returned to the control of the people, rather than be concerned with controlling the people.


Who is Amanda?

A Colorado native, married, adoptive-homeschooling mother, who strives to serve her community. Guided by the same faith and hope of the founding fathers of this great country. She has spent the majority of her life surrounded by aspects of the office of Secreatary of State, as her father was heavily involved in politics and especially the petition process. He had a critical role in bringing to pass amendments such as TABOR, Parental Notification, English first, and the partial birth abortion ban. Amanda hopes to honor her father and continue his legacy by protecting the peoples right to access the law that governs them.


Who is

The American Constitution Party?

We are the Colorado chapter of the nationally known Constitution Party. Guided by a three pillar solution, Integrity, Liberty & Prosperity.


Amanda believes

Our national and state constitutions are laws which must be followed, even when politicians find them inconvenient. If our politicians refuse to follow the rules, how can they ask us and our children to behave any differently?

Voters have the right to set the rules for politicians, not the other way around. Our politicians’ only obligation is to live within the boundaries the voters have established.

Voters have the right to initiate controls upon their governments without fear of politicians’ self-serving and arrogant interference. Our initiative process was constitutionally established as part of Colorado’s republican system of checks-and-balances, designed to maximize citizen participation and minimize government excesses.

The Secretary of State is the appropriate officer to stand in defense of those constitutions’ on behalf of the people of the state, against legislative onslaught, intrusion, and encroachment. The Secretary can inform the people regarding the nature and progress of legislaation; warn legislators and testify in committee when bills under consideration appear unconstitutional; and even file suits to have unconstitutional laws declared so by the court.

The process for businesses to work with and file information with the State needs to be updated and streamlined

Voter information and Election Security are of utmost importance as our state grows. Working with individual counties during their growing to integrate and improve technology and security will be a big part of the job over the next four years and beyond.

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